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Playing at Online Casinos for Free (Practice Play)

Playing at online casinos in the free play mode is something that you can do at most of today’s best online casinos. This free play mode is otherwise known as the practice mode, the demo mode or even the fun play mode. Playing in this particular mode comes with absolutely no risk whatsoever and sometimes you don’t even need to register an account with a casino to play in this useful mode. The only real downside is that you can’t ever win any real cash prizes when playing in the practice play mode.

When you do sign up to an online casino, you can quite easily choose between playing in the free play mode and the real money mode and you can flick between these two modes at the click of a button. Normally when you sign in to your favourite online casino, the option to gamble in the free play mode or in the real money mode will become available as soon as you attempt to login. You just need to make sure that you select the correct mode.

Alternatively, you may just have to hover your cursor over a game when playing instantly in your browser at some online casinos. Doing this should then give you the option to launch the game either in the free play mode or in the real money mode. At most online casinos you will receive X amount of free play chips and this free money is also often referred to as your fun balance. You can never run out of this fun money. If you do happen to reach zero though, the fun chips can easily be topped up again.

You will find that the fun casino chips will either top up automatically when they have reached a certain amount, or you may need to top them up yourself either by visiting the fun cashier section and then entering the desired amount, or you may have to get hold of a member of staff if you can’t figure out how to top the fun chips up yourself. The support will either top them up for you, or they will be able to point you in the right direction so that you can do it yourself.

If none of this seems to be working, or if the option to top them up yourself is not available, you will probably have to just sign out of your account and then sign back in again. When you next sign in, you should notice that your fun balance has automatically refreshed. You can use your fun chips to play on pretty much every game in the casino, but some of the games that may not be available in the free play mode could be just a few of the progressive jackpot games.

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