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Fantasy Set - Bundle


I bought this bundle earlier today, since it combines many of my favorite classes of miniatures, especially humanoids and trolls, and also because I seriously needed a cannon miniature which I knew was included in the Dwarf pack. The bundle exceeded all my expectations. With this bundle I have everything I need to host numerous battle games with changing armies.

The miniatures themselves are very professionally designed with lots of detail. There is no problem enlarging them to use as decorative elements on the front page of the Battle Books I am making, the resolution is sufficiently high.

I would recommend this bundle to everyone who wants to stage miniature games but can't or won't spend money on metal miniatures. The detail you get with these paper miniatures is way higher, and you can easily print out as many as necessary.

To summarize: Thumbs up, Arion Games!
Date Added: 06/20/2008 by trond aune
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