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Battlemaps Lairs: Giant Spider's Nest


An RPG Resource Review:

This offering consists of a subset of an underground cave complex, three caves that comprise a giant spider's lair. The accompanying adventure suggestions include a party of adventurers encounting someone else who's just been bitten by the spider or even a very ingenious one involving a pool and some small spiders...

The artwork is of the usual high standard, and fits in with other products so if you wish to include these caverns amidst the rest of a complex you can. The caves contain lots of webs and some cocoons... the presence or placement of the spiders themselves is left to you. The technological option of an 'empty' switch that allows you to print the area without contents is provided, so if you like the caves but want to use a monster other than spiders you can clear out all the spider-specific items.

Another fine addition to the collection of map components put out by 0one Games, as always of particular use if you use miniatures but a fine visual aid for any game regardless.
Date Added: 02/13/2007 by Megan Robertson
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