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Battlemaps: Divine Alligator's Temple


An RPG Resource Review:

Starting with a summary page that gives an overview of the contents, this book contains a series of battlemaps based around the adventure The Divine Alligator. However, although they are designed with that adventure in mind, most elements could be used with your own adventures if they happen to fit what you have in mind.

Each map comes in full colour, greyscale and line art versions. They consist of the circle of reptiles and the obilisks from the approaches to the temple, and 8 rooms from the temple itself including the Chamber of Worship and the central Sancta Sanctorum.

If you are running The Divine Alligator, this will be an invaluable resource - especially if you like using miniatures for combat in your games.
Date Added: 02/13/2007 by Megan Robertson
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