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Battlemaps: Dungeon Rooms Vol.III


An RPG Resource Review:

In the now familiar top-down view, herein is another series of beautifully-designed rooms for adventures to visit and wreak mayhem in.

This batch includes the entrance to a vampire lair and the lair itself, an empty room, a reliquary, a throne room, a room with a big statue, a room with a large - and empty - cage and a fine mirror maze. Each room comes in 3 options: full colour, greyscale or line art; and as always they are populated with suitable artefacts and items. The vampire rooms look like they have been visited before, most of the contents seem to be smashed, but most of the others are in better condition... at least, until your party gets there.

As usual, there's an integral grid for those who want precise measurements or to move miniatures precisely on the plan. For the rest of us, the pictures can serve as inspiration when designing or describing our dungeons, or as a visual aid to show the players what we mean. Again, a worthwhile addition to the collection, especially if you make use of the comprehensive list of all 0one Games' floorplans to design places that are detailed and original.
Date Added: 01/15/2008 by Megan Robertson
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