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Battlemaps: Dungeon Rooms Vol.I


An RPG Resource Review:

The intention of this work is to provide beautiful yet affordable floorplans for use in your game. It succeeds!

The book consists of full-page plans of several of the most common adventuring situations (at least, if you do your adventuring underground): a crypt, a dark temple, an armoury, a circular fountain room, a torture chamber (remind me NEVER to go adventuring with the designer!), a library, the entrance to a dungeon and an alchemist's laboratory. Each is provided in a top-down, three-dimensional view in both colour and greyscale (so that you can choose which to print), and each drawing is beautifully atmospheric... it's easy to imagine the chamber that it portrays.

Moreover, each floorplan is fully-detailed with all manner of incidental items... lights, windows, bookshelves, the odd skeleton... which as well as adding atmosphere to the setting in use can serve as an inspiration to the DM when designing his dungeon in the first place. Once you've figured out why a particular item is where it is, perhaps part of your plot has come more sharply into focus, or maybe a new line has been suggested. So even if you don't go in for floorplans and figures, this can be very useful... and even if miniatures are not your thing, the picture can be used as a visual aid to help you describe what your players have encountered. If you do use miniatures, there's an integral 5-foot grid designed into the floorplan (not just overlaid, but worked into the design, usually as the stone flags on the floor) to make life even easier.
Date Added: 02/13/2007 by Megan Robertson
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