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Ĝone's Blueprints: High Temple Complex


An RPG Resource Review:

Presenting a vast temple complex - a veritable citadel, maybe even the headquarters of a major religion within your campaign world - this set of maps will enable you to run all manner of adventures in which religious figures are the opposition or indeed your allies. Be it intrigues in the passageways amongst the devotees of the god your characters serve, or the traditional "Let's go and trash the evil god's temple" that you have in mind, here is an ideal setting: all you need to decide is who and what is to be found within the walls.

Within the PDF, you are offered the choice of printing in blue or black, all in vector graphics (i.e. you can enlarge or decrease the size without affecting the image quality). You can choose to display a scale grid, furniture and/or room numbers, and can have the main walls 'filled' or printed in outline. There's a handy chart for you to write a summary of what each room contains, or of course you can scribble on your map once you've printed it out... no worries about ruining it because you can always print another one.

A versatile and intriging setting which is tempting me to stop reviewing and go write an adventure set here!
Date Added: 10/20/2007 by Megan Robertson
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