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Adventuring Classes: A Fistful of Denarii


You want to flesh out the various classes.
You miss some of the player archtypes like the gladiator or bounty hunter.
You are a DM and some subtle variations for your Npcs.
You want something to read for less than a coffee at starbucks.

This pdf can help you accomplish this cheaply and very well.

* Beastmaster
* Bounty Hunter
* Corbie
* Corsair
* Gladiator
* Hunter
* Knight
* Martial Artist
* Scholar
* Scout
* Spy

It will save you a bunch of work figuring these out yourself. Eleven Classes, 52 pages, for less than the cost of two city bus rides.

Each class is independent of the others and easily integrated into your game world. Many of these character concepts have been around as long as the OGL, they are themes. I thought some were better than others (I particularly like the role play potential of the Corbie and the Martial Artist) but all of them have a clear goal and well laid out abilities. The Scholar is probably the most original class, although the Gladiator deserves mention for its historic Roman choice of weapons. It is nice to have them so easily available for Pathfinder. I can see them really adding depth to my NPCs or novelty to my Player Characters.

None of the classes are reproductions of classes printed elsewhere. The Scout for example has its own bag of tricks and does not copy the WOTC product.

Compared other PDFs this isn't fancy and the artwork is good but sparce. The table of contents has hotlinks for each class but I think it should have bookmarks for easier use in game. Still, the organization is clear and navigation is otherwise simple. Classes are organized in whole discrete pages (Description followed by the class level progression Table) so printing one class for a player is easy. There is also a collection of 30+ feats at the end which the classes reference, and that you can use for the rest of your gaming too. The PDF allows cut and paste so it's a convenient source for feats and abilities.

Fistful of Denarii has far more writing and 'crunch' than most of its competition and that eventually makes it a really good choice for gaming. This is a considered product from someone who loves the game. I'm dissatisfied with tiny one idea pdfs. This is a meaty collection with lots to offer - and its cheap!

This appeals to me as a value and as a game aid.

5/5 in my books.

Bo Vandenberg
Date Added: 12/18/2009 by Bo Vandenberg
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