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One on One Adventures Compendium


This Compendium is more than just a repackaging of the first 11 One-on-One adventures (written for GM and a single player) into one convenient book, the opportunity has been taken to optimise all the adventures, originally written for Dungeons & Dragons 3e to the Pathfinder RPG.

It starts with a Foreword that explains the origins of this particular series - time spent in remote locations where you're lucky to find one other role-player, let alone enough of them to run a conventional game. Most of us have been in that situation - I recall being stuck on a cruise ship amusing the one other gamer I'd found by running AD&D adventurers based on Botaccio's Decameron which I happened to be reading at the time! But here is a collection of adventures specifically written for a solo character, and designed to be completed by a single character on his own. Each even has a pre-generated one provided, which ensures that any skills, spells or abilities the author thinks will be useful in the adventure will be available. Or of course, you can play your own character - each adventure specifies the most suitable character class and level, although most could be played by any character with a bit more effort.

Adventures range from 2nd to 11th level, and you'll find at least one suitable for virtually any class, although rogues get the lion's share - well, they ARE possibly the best class for operating solo, after all! Those who enjoy a good brawl need not worry, there are plenty of opportunities to engage in combat, while the adventures require thought as well as a strong sword-arm or ready spell book to complete.

While the plotlines of the adventures remain true to the original publications, a lot of effort has been put into the mechanics to ensure that everything works perfectly for the Pathfinder ruleset. And of course, the real treat is Adventure 6.66: The Pleasure Prison of the B'thuvian Demon Whore - the adventure that launched the series, now generally rather expensive on auction sites if you can find it at all. More prudish gamers need not fear, despite the title, while tongue-in-cheek all remains quite decent unless you really get carried away with the chocolate golem! All the adventures are fun, whichever side of the GM screen you are sitting, but this one in particular is a merry romp in an over-the-top Conan-esque style.

By their nature, most of the adventures are 'one-offs' to be run, perhaps, when you cannot get the whole group together for a regular session. If you prefer, however, each is provided with information to enable you to scale the adventure for a small party if you have more than one eager player. Also, as several adventures involve a rogue, it is possible to link them into a loose series - more 'adventures in the life of' than a genuine adventure path, but sufficient for several entertaining sessions nonetheless. Put it this way, this one is coming with me next holiday... something to keep my daughter entertained if nothing else!
Date Added: 04/04/2010 by Megan Robertson
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