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Evocative City Sites: The Rogue's Gallery Tavern


Rogue’s Gallery is an interesting and original scenario for those moments in which you need a quick way into the dark and seedy side of society, and still have some kind of net under their feet… at least until they anger someone important.

Maybe the most attractive feature of the Tavern would be the fact that it offers the possibility for a lot of interesting open options and alternatives beyond the hooks presented in the document… from patrons you can add… to the mystery behind the owners of the place.

Something open to debate would be the narrative perspective, since it’s the 1st person of an adventurer, it lets us understand and feel the place much better, but others would complain for the lack of objectivity of the narrator.

The map makes for an interesting place with lots of opportunities for cloak & dagger encounter or a noir scene.

My only personal critic would be for part of the art, that while good… some of it is entirely unoriginal.
Date Added: 06/20/2009 by Ernesto Ramirez
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