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Ĝone's Blueprints: The Ruined Town, Hill of the Haunting Spectre


An RPG Resource Review:

This spooky offering presents a ruined hilltop mansion complete with outbuildings, and a tree with a bad reputation. The maps - in blue or black'n'white as usual - consist of a ground-level view of the hilltop complete with the outbuildings (a shed, a windmill and the stables) and other features, the upper storey view of just the house and windmill, a rooftop view, the dungeon complex beneath and something rather puzzlingly called 'Hillfeet' - this is apparently the base of the hill on which the rest stands, and includes the entrance to the underground complex. As well as the buildings, the hilltop complex includes a burial ground, a well and the remains of a shrine; while the base of the hill has a cottage and some more ruined buildings.

As usual, just what did go on here and what will happen if the characters venture in is left to you, but there are so many nooks and crannies and interesting bits that ideas just start to flow when you look at it all. The usual technical wizardry is apparent, with the ability to alter various settings before you print out. Just the place to run that ghost story...
Date Added: 07/07/2008 by Megan Robertson
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