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Ĝone's Blueprints: The Galley


An RPG Resource Review:

Herein, depicted with 0one Games's attention to detail and mastery of PDF technology, is a traditional galley - the flat-bottomed coastal vessel powered by oarsmen (often slaves). We have had the odd vessel before, but this one should prove useful - perhaps it's being used by pirates (popular if the wind dropped near shore, stranding sailing vessels at the mercy of oar-powered pirates) or maybe some miscreant characters get sentenced to the galleys after being caught by a coastal town's Guards doing something illegal...

In this product, you get a top-down view of the main deck, side and end-on profile views (from bow and stern) and a cross-section view showing how the interior is laid out with a hold below the main rowing deck and a stern cabin with poop-deck above. A bit more detail of the stern cabin - usually the captain's domain - and of the focastle cabin, a smaller space used as sleeping quarters by the crew (or guards if it's a slave-powered galley - slaves generally slept at their oars) would have been nice, but overall it gives a good flavour of a type of vessel common in mediaeval times and suitable for use in a fantasy game.
Date Added: 07/06/2008 by Megan Robertson
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