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Mind Divine


This is an awesome product. It takes a concept (divine psionics) that to many is in bad taste and develops it beautifully. Reading through it, I don't feel like I'm getting a psionic cleric. The new godminds have their flavor and are not just "psionic gods." Suggestions are given throughout on how to adapt the material to your campaign and how to remove some of the divine flavor if it is undesired.

This pdf includes a detailed table of contents, index, and extensive bookmarking, making it very easy to read, navigate, and use at the gaming table. The product is well-edited, containing no noticeable typos or layout errors.

The rules are very well-balanced. The rules fit the overall theme very well and include ways to help psionics to replace divine magic. For example, psionic nodes, similar to cleric domains, are introduced as a benefit of worshiping a godmind and taking an appropriate feat. These are a great new way for a psionic character to expand his power list without having to take Expanded Knowledge several times. However, some of the feats seem out of place and simply included to fill space.

The new monsters are intriguing and present many new combat options besides the simple "attack, deal damage" or "power, saving throw, damage" templates that plague many new monsters.

All of the rules could be used without the godminds or divine flavor with very minor adjustments (usually simply removing fluff requirement of worshiping a godmind).

The one fault of the product is its artwork. Besides the cover art, all of the artwork is in black and white. Most of the artwork is very cartoony and, in my opinion, takes away from the overall quality of the product. That said, this is a small fault in an otherwise great product.

Overall, The Mind Divine is a fantastic product that continues the great work of Dreamscarred Press. It is well worth picking up, even if you don't care for some of the flavor.
Date Added: 09/09/2007 by Brenton Wiernik
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