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The Books of Faith: Hinduism


First of all, let me commend Dog Soul publishing for addressing ancient India in a D20 context. Books of Faith: Hinduism is the shining product in the Shahasra series because it attempts to reflect a variant of authentic classic Hinduism. The product’s weakness is its adherence to the parent setting. This setting is about as Indian as Gygax and Amersen dancing in kirtan playing cartals, wearing pre-sewn dhotis. It's like Dog Soul draped a gold lamé sari over the old Forgotten Realms boxed set. The best part about the setting’s main book is the city generation system as well as the monkey character race, but neither of those are necessarily setting specific. Of course, their attempt is no better than Goodman Games’ Complete Guide to Raksashas. The inclusion of the guru prestige class as a non-combat class in Books is refreshing, but it is extremely underpowered. In the Mahabharata, mantras summon nuclear weapons; the mantras presented here can't do that. I'd like to see more Indian supplements from yourgamesnow founder Joseph Browning. His work adapting ancient Indian myth to D20 is the most representative yet.
Date Added: 03/24/2007 by Curt Meyer
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