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Libellus Ultra: Denizens of the Black 1


Libellus Ultra: Denizens of the Black 1 is a 14-page PDF product by Old Kingdom Games. The layout is well-done and professional, and the product looks very nice and is easy to read. With a cover page, a table of contents, two pages of ad copy and the OGL, there are actually only nine pages of true gaming content. Within those nine pages, however, there are seven pieces of line art, and one color shot of a starship in space, giving you a lot of art for your gaming dollar. Inside this product, you'll find six NPC characters, a starship stat block, and three alien race write-ups. The character and alien race descriptions are well written and interesting, while remaining generic enough to be useful in most futuristic campaigns.

I only had a few problems with the product: in the case of each of the NPCs, the stat blocks were not valid. The CRs were off by two, and each stat block often contained a few other errors, including some skils not found in D20 Modern/D20 Future. While the races were interesting to read, their racial abilities seem like they might be hard to abjudicate in-game. This last part, however, is likely just a matter of personal taste. The stat block issues, however, do impact the product's usefulness right out of the box, so to speak, but corrections are not hard to make. I've submitted the list of those I've found, and the company has been very supportive of the input. I hope that it is made available as either errata or as a product update in the near future, as their current work schedules allow.

In the long run, I think it's a good product, though not as solid as I would have liked. It's definitely pretty, though. The NPCs and races do spark the imagination, and that alone can be worth the cost of admission. If the stat blocks were without errors, then I'd say it's a five-star product. As it stands, it's still worth four stars in my book.
Date Added: 04/26/2007 by Jason Kemp
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