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Libellus Ultra: Denizens of the Black 1


From the mining colonies on the moons of Jupiter to the far reaches of the solar system and beyond. Denizens of the Black gives us exactly what its title proclaims. With rich histories and personalities, the NPCs are both interesting and alive. In addition to the characters, there is a new starship (The Best Guess) as well as new races to populate new worlds. My favorites have to be the insane “Distants”; intriguing and dangerous beings who have stolen sections of populations from their home planets to fuse with them. All of the characters and races are adaptable to any interstellar or sci-fi campaign. This product is an excellent value for its price, especially for the wonderful detail and imagination given to the NPCs and alien races within its pages. I recommend this product for any game master wishing to add something special to his/her campaign.
Date Added: 03/28/2007 by Mike Breland
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