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Slaves of the Moon: the Essential Guide to Lycanthropes
[PCI 1107]


This is one of the best D20 book that I've read on Lycanthropy. The background information on werebears, wereboars, wererats and werewolves is well-developed and easy to drop into nearly any campaign, adding religion and social depth to these creatures. Particularly, the racial classes offer really interesting possibilities for playing lycanthropy development and youth (i.e. I was a teenage wereboar, anyone?) Best in the book, the last chapter discusses the issues that lycanthropy can inflict on a campaign without proper planning, as well as multiple strategies on how to deal with these issues and even create new and interesting twists that can make lycanthropes more interesting to players and DMs alike. It was more than worth the softback price. Highly recommended!
Date Added: 03/10/2007 by Dennis Kirkpatrick
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