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Ĝone's Blueprints: The Great City, Prophet's Court


An RPG Resource Review:

Another in the series developing specific locations within the Great City, this area is a sort of religious shopping mall. A religious bookshop, sellers of talismans, a shop selling priest's vestments, even blessed weapons can be found here. Rumours abound about what else goes on here, from hidden temples to forbidden or at least rather dubious deities to - well, whatever you want to have going on there, really.

The maps show the entire enclave at ground level, upper floor and rooftop - and there are TWO subterranean levels as well - ordinary cellars and a full-blown dungeon level (where, presumably, the dodgy stuff goes on). Presented in both blue and black, the usual 'Rule the Dungeon' feature allows you to control the appearance of your maps, and there is a set of notes pages so that you can record all the ideas spawned by looking at this fine location. If city adventure and religious intrigue feature in your campaign, you will look a long way before you find a better backdrop to events.
Date Added: 10/20/2007 by Megan Robertson
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