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Science Fiction Bundle


Like most of you, I would venture, I'd seen the paper miniature products from Arion Games, but it took me a while to actually purchase a set. I downloaded the free "Medieval Court" set (ARF001) and was extremely pleased with what I saw. I dove head first and grabbed the Science Fiction Bundle ARG058 and I am SO glad I did!

Firstly, the detail on these minis are awesome. I am an avid miniatures painter, but there is no way a metal miniature could be sculpted with the amount of detail these miniatures have, let a lone painted with that amount of detail!

As a sci-fi fan, I've had a hard time finding suitable metal miniatures. Now, my search is over! The minis in this bundle will keep me happy for years!

The minis are customizable to an extent in that you can simply copy the miniature you want from the pdf file, paste it into Powerpoint or another imaging program, resize it to your taste (I like mine a bit larger than what's on the pdf) and there you have it! Like one certain mini? No problem, copy, paste and repeat to print out a whole page full!

Here's a beautiful tip: print these out on semi-gloss photo paper on your printer's "best print" setting. The minis are absolutely amazing this way!!

I like my paper miniatures in the "tri-fold" arrangement (front, side and back images), but one can use the 2-D (front & back)arrangement or even make 2-D counters of the minis!

Another wonderful thing about Arion Game products is that the various miniature sets are designed to be used "cross-genre" (yes, I've bought several more sets- I can't get enough)! For instance, there are miniatures in the two Egyptian sets that work wonderfully for a sci-fi setting.

These paper miniatures save time AND money. I love to paint and collect metal miniatures, but there's no way I could ever have the diversity of minis that's in this one bundle. For one thing, the sculpts are simply not available on the market! Another, I just don't have the time- or the skill.

And speaking of sculpts, the folks at Arion Games are so customer-friendly that they offer a character portrait and customized miniature service!!

You will NOT be disappointed with these minis. Check them out; you'll be glad you did!
Date Added: 02/04/2008 by Lee Wood
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