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The Fishers of the Dead


First of all I am not an experienced Reviewer. Many mistakes with probably follow. Iím writing this review though because I really enjoyed reading The Fishers of the Dead. I think it is a well designed product and well worth the $6.95 to purchase it. After reading only half of The Fishers of the Dead, I knew I wanted to get the Niflheim PDF to compliment what I had read so far (which I also enjoyed).
Iím an ex-art major so I am picky when it comes to art. I was pleasantly surprised with quality of the art. The artwork is solid. It reminds of older issues of the Dragon magazine. I wasnít expecting much for the price. It exceeded my expectations. The layout is clean and crisp. Text is easy to read. My printer is out of ink so I havenít tried to print any of the pages so I canít say how well it looks on hardcopy. Not the fault of the product just me being too lazy to head to circuit city.
The NPCís seem well thought out. They each are given a description and a history. The NPCís interact in a believable ways. I enjoyed these little subplots. There are numerous plot hooks that can be mined here.
The book contains some new monsters of Norse flavor. It has encounters ranging from low level to I think around ECL18. Wouldnít be that hard to go epic ECL since you are in the land of the dead. Iíll eventually spring Nidhogg on my players. Should be one heck of a battle.
There are some new feats and alternate class that uses staves and runic magic. Iíve been needed something to run against my players thatís outside of core rules and this might fill that bill. The runic magic system is going to make my giants a lot more interesting. There are some nice magic items, especially quarterstaffs. There is a runic magic item that involves giants that I will defiantly be using soon. I was also surprised that the publisher was thoughtful enough to also include the maps in individual pdfís for ease of printing. Thatís not a big thing but it was nice to see they thought ahead and makes it a lot more convenient for printing.
Iím currently running a homebrew campaign that has a Norse flavor so the release of the product was quite fortuitous. I can also use this easily in ScarredLands, Forgotten Realms, and maybe Eberron. These are preferred settings of my players.
If you like Norse folklore, have $7 to spend and are looking for a interesting source book, you should consider this one.
Date Added: 02/14/2007 by Mark Haynes
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