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Mythic Heroes


I've been a big fan of Joseph Campbell's since those marathon showings of The Power of Myth on PBS in the late 80s. I'm usually not one for supplements dealing primarily with rules, but, despite its exorbitant price for 20 pages, just about everything presented in Mythic Heroes is useful. I bought this book because of a big fan of the Paths system in Midnight, and I was looking for something more generic to be added into any campaign. Mythic Heroes attempts to stimulate Jungian style archetypes, providing seven archetypes each with 20 level progressions. They are not base classes, but rather are designed to enhance given character or class abilities from the SRD to codify a character's role in the mythic narrative that is the game. All too often, role-playing as been overlooked as a medium of postmodern mythmaking. This product focuses attention on the collaborative narrative aspect of gaming. Of interest to less "heady" gamers than myself will be the innovation of Action Points detailed in this product. Frankly, when Wizards of the Coast drafts the fourth edition SRD, they should hire Bad Axe Games to implement their take on Action Points. Rather than having a one to one ratio of points spent to amount of role increase, each time a point is spent, a die is rolled; the result of that die is then added to a given role. Die rolls may be open-ended in certain cases, adding to the excitement of game play. This system should also work nicely in tandem with or as a substitute for the epic level system. It would be nice if fourth edition were to adopt this mechanic and abandon Feats altogether -- wishful thinking. Despite the price, I wholeheartedly recommend this book. I've purchased a lot of gaming PDFs that I'm likely never to look at the second time; this is not one of them.
Date Added: 03/24/2007 by Curt Meyer
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