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Six Unexpected Planar Gates


“Six Unexpected Planar Gates” is the third release by Philip Reed in the Planar Gates series (though technically 6th – A Dozen Unusual Gates appeared in the DM’s Directory of Demiplanes, and other planar gates were in both the DM’s Idea Pipeline 2004 and 2005). This third release presents the DM with 6 new planar gates. One of the nicest features of the planar gates is that they potentially open to many places. The gates include: Blood of the Experienced Traveller, Footsteps in the Breathing Stream, Gauntlets of Ebakar Scye, Gaze of the Twisted Statue, Planar Rains, Sixth Cell on the Right. Of these, four can lead to a number of planes and two lead to a prison plane type situation for PCs. One of the nice things about Phil’s small PDFs is they are often littered with little campaign hook ideas or glimpses of a coherent world (that he won’t completely share with us yet). In this PDF we have mentions of a doomed planar race (the helqathas), an artefact, several civilizations in ruin, and two demiplanes (Treasure Valley and Zal’Null.
Date Added: 02/04/2007 by Mark Gedak
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