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Old-School Gazette #9


OSG#9 is a short PDF for the OSRIC system written by Joseph Browning and Matthew Finch. This product presents you with 5 pages of new OSRIC content for $1.35. The content of this series changes from issue to issue. In this volume we are presented with four new monsters, three traps and tricks and a magic item.

The creatures introduced could be described as a golem, fey, elemental/undead and ooze. The first is an Engraved which is a wall carving that animates to protect some location. The engraved is a simple enough opponent that could be used in situations where a stone golem or iron golem could destroy the party. Ganyadi are small evil fey that seem to be related to Dryads, they are not particularly effective in combat themselves but can animate trees to fight for them. The third creature is a Haze Horror, is an evil spirit that seeks to cause the death of others by heat exhaustion. The last is called White Foam which is sort of an ooze that is confined to a water body, but it includes rules for it to grow and multiply. Overall I could see adopting the Engraved and Ganyadi immediate for my game. Iím ambivalent to the Haze Horror and White Foam.

The second section provides details on three trap/tricks and a magic item for creating the Engraved. The Codex of the Engraved is a little strange when compare to other Manuals of Golems in that it is cheaper than all of them but it allows for the creation of 4-8 Engraved from a single item, unlike the Manual of Golems. The tricks and traps are very interesting and include a magic jar like situation, locking rotating wall sections and expensive item that is destroyed if not removed carefully.

The editing and layout of the PDF are good and clear, though I refuse to accept that equipage is a word and I think the save is for petrification in the source rules. I look forward to OSG #11.
Date Added: 02/05/2007 by Mark Gedak
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