Katt & Mowz: The Cartoon Catastrophes


Katt and Mowz have been in the cartoon business for more years than you can shake a stick at (and they know ... they've shaken a lot of sticks!) They remain the Best of Friends and the Worst of Rivals! Nothing is too Good or too Bad to come between them ... except maybe a chance at FINALLY becoming famous! (Not to mention Clubs, Anvils, and a Steam Roller or two!)

Katt & Mowz: The Cartoon Catastrophes is a slap-stick, action-packed two player card game Each player is trying to upstage the other and win the scene. Whoever wins the most scenes steals the show!

Each character is represented by a deck of cards. At their disposal in each deck are Prop Cards: a classic arsenal of cartoon gadgets and gizmo's like falling pianos and frying pans. Also available to each are several Plop Cards: many of the best shticks that cartoons have to offer, like instant post or a giant eraser. Only by playing their cards right, can a player hope to win scenes and ultimately the whole cartoon (represented by the third deck of cards).

This non-collectible card game comes with everything you need to play. Included are 52 Katt Cards, 52 Mowz Cards and 16 Plot Cards. Also included are two new game variations for even more cartoon mayhem.

Katt and Mowz is very simple to learn, yet still allows for a satisfying depth of play. No two games are ever the same, as the scenes of each cartoon change every time. The key to this caper is knowing which scenes are worth winning, and which are worth losing. The play time (like a good cartoon) is also very short ? usually under 15 minutes ? but we bet you won't play just once!

Katt & Mowz is sure to be a hit with anyone who appreciates such TV classics as Tom and Jerry, Sylvester and Speedy, or Itchy and Scratchy. Now you can star in your very own cartoon ... without having to get extra health insurance!

  • Model: CSRC001
  • Manufactured by: ComStar Media

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