Fudge Treats Volume 2: Guns of Fudge (GoF)


Designed by: Ken Hood (with additional material by David Jaquith).

Pages: 25 (including front & back covers, contents, credit, and OGL pages - 20 pages of actual game content)

Fudge Treats volume 2: Guns of Fudge increases the technical feel of firearms in Fudge. They add realism, creating a more powerful suspension of disbelief in your games. An easy, six-step process lets you convert real world firearms to Fudge statistics or create your own fictional or fantasy firearms for Fudge.

Fudge Treats volume 2: Guns of Fudge describes guns using the following standard notation:

Range: Terrible to Superb
Damage Factor: [a number]
Special Effects: [one or more descriptors]
Rate of Fire: Standard, Burst, Full Auto
Ammunition Capacity: [number] - [type]

For example, we present the AK-47 Assault Rifle:

Range: Good
Damage Factor: +6
Special Effects: No Grazes, High Penetration
Rate of Fire: S, FA
Ammunition Capacity: 30 (7.62mm) - Clip

Fudge Treats volume 2: Guns of Fudge easily integrates with the Fudge System and other Fudge System products.

  • Model: DG4002
  • Manufactured by: ComStar Media

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