Folkloric - Sahasra, the Land of 1,000 Cities


A setting for d20 fantasy, inspired by the myths and legends of India.

Long ago in Sahasra, the fabled Land of 1,000 Cities, when a woman's delicate beauty could smite a man's heart on first sight of her, and a man's bravery was judged by the strength of his arm and the devotion of his soul...a party of adventurers set out on a journey that would change their lives.

Immerse yourself in Sahasra, the newest Folkloric setting for d20 fantasy by author Donna K. Fitch. Countless wonders await the brave traveler: the legendary city of Ujjayini, that bustles and thrives alongside the river Shipra; the Monkey City of Kishkindha, hidden in the lush, vine-tangled grotto of Pampa lake; the underground city of Dirindhala, home of the mysterious and proud Rock Nagas; the ruined city of Sisupal, carefully guarded by the Yakshini - fey creatures that revere nature and abhor intruders...

Use the city generation tables to populate your own Sahasran adventure, or walk the pathways expertly built by author Donna K. Fitch. A generous amount of npc's, monsters, and fabulous treasure await your party in this exotic, highly-detailed setting.


One of the objects of pursuit in vidya is the siddhi (perfection) or supranormal power. According to The Five-and-Twenty Tales of the Genie, the Eight Siddhis are:

To be minute as an atom, Or enormous as a mountain, Light as air or heavy as rock, To be invisible at will, To have all one's desires fulfilled, To subject others to one's will And to have lordship of the world.

Obviously anyone who possessed all eight of these powers would be mighty indeed! In ancient times, these powers were incorporated into eight artifacts, the location of which have been lost. Only the vetala know where they currently rest, and they do not always give out their secrets liberally or without cost. The artifacts are the Bracer of the Mountains; the Breastplate of Fulfillment; the Crown of Lordship; the Neckchain of Mastery; Puspaka, the Vessel of the Clouds; the Ring of Dragon Size; the Ring of Flea Size; and the Sash of Invisibility.

  • Model: DGS366
  • Manufactured by: Dog Soul

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