Modern: Heroic Stunts


The world of D20 gaming is replete with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of amazingly cool-sounding feats which most gamers would love to have their character pull off at just the right moment...but when push comes to shove and feat-picking time comes, the exotic and interesting feats are most often passed over in favor of the tried-and-true. Why? Because as cool as it might be to kick a gun out of someone?s hand and grab it, something like Power Attack, Cleave, or one of the many ?+2 to 2 skills? feats will come into play far more often. The cold calculus of campaign practicality trumps coolness.

No more!

This document introduces a new concept to D20: Heroic Stunts! By the expenditure of an Action Point, your character can attempt the kind of cool moves often seen in action movies or TV shows, without having had to select a feat to allow him to do it.

Written by Lizard.

  • Model: PJR259
  • Manufactured by: Ronin Arts

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