Superline #2: Reel Life


This, Ronin Arts' second issue in the Superline series, features three new single-session adventures and three monsters just waiting to disrupt your campaign.

Presented in comic book format, the Superline series is written for the busy gamemaster. This issue's adventures are:

Triple Threat: Gangs are a problem in every major city and the heroes? is no exception. Of course, it is very likely that most of the time the heroes pay little attention to what the gangs are doing (that's what the police are for, after all), but when reports of gangs committing robberies using sophisticated weaponry hit the news, it's time for the heroes to get involved.

It Came from the Late Show: In this adventure the heroes get to end the crime spree of the supervillain Mirage and his gang of toughs, but not before they take in a little entertainment at the local Cineplex.

Sore Loser: In this adventure the heroes encounter a young lady very upset at having been voted off a reality show. While it is perfectly natural for an individual to be upset that her 15 minutes of fame are over, this particular individual happens to have super powers, and she's not afraid to take her complaints directly to the show's celebrity judges. If she isn't stopped, she is going to show everyone what "reality" television is all about.

  • Model: PJR282
  • Manufactured by: Ronin Arts

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