FSpace Roleplaying Complete Rulebook 2010 v2

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The Complete rulebook 2010 contains all you need to generate characters, select equipment and play this character level roleplaying game. Includes information on robots, starships and vehicles as well. Plenty of information on the various alien races and empires exist, including character generation profiles for 15 races. It also includes some starter scenarios to get you going. What you get: The FSpaceRPG Complete Rulebook 2010 v2 is a 400 page rulebook with all the core rules for running this role-playing game as well as plenty of information on the universe. Delivered in our color book style with plenty of colour illustrations, this edition is great entry into the world of FSpaceRPG. This book is a merger of the Concise Rulebook 4.2 with: -Derelict v2 -vehicle profiles from AGLC, Rough Rider and Tech Update -gun profiles from Tech Update and Turram Encounter -starship profiles from Tech Update and Turram Encounter -Robots v1 replaced entire robots section -Personality 1.1 -Martial Arts v1.1 -Serpenti Regional maps -Alt Skills -Library Data 2177 -the 2177 calendar from Netrules 2 -Kuetques v1.1 -Solarians 1.1 -Psionics v1.1 replacing entire psionics section -Quinkose Contact & Boarding Action scenarios from FED Times -Elements from Turram Encounter and McDougal Space v2

  • Model: FSPEB132
  • Manufactured by: FSpace Publications

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