Future: Starship 15


Future: Starship 15 -- The Taurus takes you on an intergalactic safari as you race across the stars in search of big game of the xenomorph variety. Whether you're working for science, an eccentric billionaire, or an evil corporation the goal is the same: load down your customized cargo hold with the strangest, most valuable xenomorph that you can track and capture.

This release in Ronin Arts' Future: Starship series, written by Michael Hammes, presents more than just a new starship with deckplans and detailed information for the official future SRD -- though we've got that, too! Inside you'll find:

--Gamemaster information on running a hunter campaign, including suggestions for those that might be in the market for unique xenomorphs;

--Rules on tranquilizers and tranq guns;

--Two new vehicles;

--and adventure hooks written to fire up your imagination and get you quickly into the adventure.

All this plus three new tiles from SkeletonKey Games, perfect for use with almost any release in SkeletonKey Games' e-Future Tiles series (see below for covers and links to each set in the series).

So what are you waiting for? Let's get out there and bag us a beastie, boys! And don't ever forget, you've always gotta bring 'em back alive!

  • Model: PJR294
  • Manufactured by: Ronin Arts

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