Future: 13 Ammunition Types


"I dove to the left, scrambling for cover as the feral opened fire with some sort of slugthrower I'd never before encountered. Unfortunately, as I came within a few steps of cover, a single round slammed into my right side, knocking me off balance. As I fell, I felt myself losing consciousness."

"I came to I don't know how long later, lying on my face, my sidearm a few feet in front of me, my entire body aching. Struggling to rise it was then that I noticed my hands were covered in puss-leaking sores. Mutator rounds!"

Future: 13 Ammunition Types is Ronin Arts' latest support product for use with the official future SRD. Inside the pages of this 7-page PDF, written by Philip Reed, are two PL 6 ammunition types, five PL 7 ammunition types, five PL 8 ammunition types, and one PL 9 ammunition type.

The specific ammunition types in this PDF are:

--Duralloy Flechettes

--Photon Sheathed



--Cyber Disruptor

--Inertial Accelerator

--Laser Prick



--Crystal Carbon




Additionally, this PDF includes a new robot accessory, a cybernetic gadget, and an armor gadget.

This release in Ronin Arts' Future series is the first to feature a new graphic design. With a more compact font and better use of the page, we can fit more text on each page than with our earlier design format. For ease of use, the zipped file also includes a .txt file making it easy to cut, paste, and print exactly what you need.

Requires the use of the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game, published by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

  • Model: PJR293
  • Manufactured by: Ronin Arts

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