House in the Hills


You were ambushed by a group of thugs on your way through the dense woods near your home. They took everything and left you for dead. You awoke to the sound of howling wolves and have been on the run ever since. It is now after sunset and your strength is failing. The wolves are closer that they have been all day. Suddenly, just ahead you see the outline of a small building on the next hilltop. It is illuminated by the moonlight, but all of the windows are dark. As you near it, you see the building is in a state of decay. But it may provide you shelter from the wolves until you can rest. There may even be weapons inside. Do you dare enter the HOUSE IN THE HILLS? House in the Hills is a solitaire adventure designed to be played using the Tunnels and Trolls game system. This solo adventure contains 138 paragraphs and is suitable for a single, low-level, humanoid warrior with 10-20 personal adds.

  • Manufactured by: Lone Delver Games

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