GM'S COOKBOOK: Cyberpunk-Genre Plot Hooks


System: Any, contains no rules-specific material.

While the scenario, the ongoing plotline, provides the meat in any campaign, a good Gamemaster needs more ingredients to add substance to the adventure, she occasionally needs to spice up slower parts of a gaming session. With that in mind Big Finger Games offers the GMs Cookbook line of pdfs.

GMs Cookbook: Cyberpunk-Genre Plot Hooks provides fifteen hooks for your high-tech, low-life roleplaying game.

A plot hook is just what it sounds like. Its that kernel of an idea, a premise that you can develop and flesh out, turning it into a scenario or subplot for the characters in your campaign. Use these hooks to jumpstart your imagination and weave the resulting ideas into the existing plot threads of your campaign to create something uniquely suitable for your game.

  • Model: BFG1910
  • Manufactured by: Big Finger Games

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