Finally, an updated and greatly expanded set of ink-conserving dungeon tiles! Just like the original DOLLAR-DUNGEON$ INK SAVER, these new sets are customized and optimized for maximum ink conservation and handsome dungeons, making them perfect for fast prints and cheap photocopies that still look great. In this massive bundle, you will receive 800 ink-saving tiles built around a 6"x6" grid, compatible with each other and also some of your favorite tile sets and brands!

Click Here For a Free Sample .PDF - Print a Few to See For Yourself!

Sets Included in the INK SAVER DELUXE Bundle:

MK-DDISD01 - DUNGEONS & STRONGHOLDS (200 BASIC TILES) - This is the basic set, useful for making a wide variety of rooms and corridors for heroes to explore.

MK-DDISD02 - SEWERS & CANALS (200 WATER TILES) - This set can be used alone or in conjunction with DUNGEONS & STRONGHOLDS set to create channels, sewers, pools, etc.

MK-DDISD03 - CAVERNS & TUNNELS (200 CAVE TILES) - A series of dark, twisting tunnels and rocky caverns. Tiles that connect with MK-DDISD01 - DUNGEONS & STRONGHOLDS & MK-DDISD02 - SEWERS & CANALS are included.

MK-DDISD04 - DWARVEN CITADEL (50 CITADEL TILES) - This set is a decorative version of the basic set useful for dwarven or other dungeons, featuring knotwork tiles, a forge, and a tomb. Tiles that connect with MK-DDISD01 - DUNGEONS & STRONGHOLDS, MK-DDISD02 - SEWERS & CANALS, & MK-DDISD03 - CAVERNS & TUNNELS are included.

MK-DDISD05 - ANCIENT RUINS (50 RUIN TILES) - Unlike the fairly well-maintained rooms and halls of the basic set, these floors are missing tiles and the walls have caved in, or have been burrowed into. Tiles that connect with MK-DDISD01 - DUNGEONS & STRONGHOLDS are included.

MK-DDISD06 - TEMPLE OF SPIDERS (50 SPIDER TILES) - This is a sinister set, with jagged walls and floors obviously dedicated to spiders. Tiles that connect with MK-DDISD01 - DUNGEONS & STRONGHOLDS & MK-DDISD03 - CAVERNS & TUNNELS are included.

MK-DDISD07 - UNDERGROUND WATERWAYS (50 CAVE RIVER TILES) - This set enhances the caverns with subterranean rivers and lakes. Tiles that connect with MK-DDISD02 - SEWERS & CANALS & MK-DDISD03 - CAVERNS & TUNNELS are included.


What an attractive question! In order to save ink and create consistent art, newspaper companies developed a technique called "stochastic screening," which is very similar to the halftone method. Instead of printing solid colors or grays, this method uses only tiny black dots. For a darker color, more dots are printed per area, and conversely, lighter colors use less dots. INK SAVER DELUXE takes advantage of your cleverly-designed brain's ability to interpret these clusters of dots as shades of gray, and so your printer only needs to print dozens of black dots per inch, rather than hundreds of ink-wasting ones!

"Why Can't I Just Print Other Tiles in Draft Mode?"

How wise of you to ponder! You could print your beautifully colorful tiles in draft mode, but since the artwork wasn't designed for that sort of use, the results are usually faded, lined, spotty, and just less-attractive. Also, some printers use color to produce grays, meaning you still use-up your inks. INK SAVER DELUXE tiles are optimized to be attractive while conserving your precious ink, so all you need to do is print, cut, and go!

"Am I Limited to Gray Tiles?"

My, but you are a clever and handsome customer! Because INK SAVER DELUXE uses only tiny black dots instead of solid blocks of colors or grays, you are no longer limited to printing on white materials. Any colored or textured papers that your printer or copier can handle make excellent dungeon tiles. You could print cavern tiles on light-blue paper to make ice caves, print canal tiles on green paper for a slimy sewer, print ruin tiles on yellow paper for a golden temple, or the spider temple tiles on purple paper for a dark-elf crypt. And for those with an artistic streak (or children to keep busy), the tiles can easily be enhanced with markers, colored pencils, or crayons for custom rooms and corridors.

If you love attractive dungeon tiles, but love your precious ink even more, this is the set for you. If you've been avoiding buying artistic dungeon sets because of the ink consumption, deny your miniatures an outstanding battlefield no longer!

Click Here For a Free Sample .PDF - Print a Few to See For Yourself!

  • Model: MK-DDISD0X
  • Manufactured by: Mad Kaiser Games

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