In times of economic hardships, more and more people worldwide are turning to the Classifieds section of the local newspapers and internet in their search for a new job. But what if you were told that buried within the Classifieds is a code, known only to a rare few. When those members of society see a For Sale ad, what they read is "Single Target Hit".

What if you were given the knowledge of the Classified Code? Would you, down on your luck and trying to make ends meet, push or even break your own moral code in exchange for a solid chunk of greenbacks?

Open the Classifieds book and see for yourself. It might just change you idea of who you really are and what you might truly be capable of. Sometimes surprises are better left wrapped in the box they came in. Once you take them out the world gets to see what you received. Step out of your comfort zone and into a world that will challenge the very moral fiber of your life. Do understand that this is just a game... or is it?

Classifieds can be used as a standalone setting, or plugged in as an add-on to nearly any setting of your choosing. Designed particularly for use with the Core-7 System, but this setting can be used with any system you desire.

  • Model: VIN_0120
  • Manufactured by: visioNation studios

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