Paths to Prestige: Centurion


Blackdirge Publishing and Goodman Games bring you the next product in the Paths to Prestige line for the Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons game.

Paths to Prestige: Centurion presents the new centurion paragon path for warlords. The centurion is a front-line commander inspired by the Roman soldier of the same name. He aids his allies in combat by allowing them strike harder and more often, all the while dealing death to his foes on his own. In addition, the centurion can rally his troops and allies around his inspiring presence, renewing their health and vigor; or form them into defensive formations to repel enemy attacks.

So step up the to the front lines and whip your allies into shape, with Paths to Prestige: Centurion.

Paths to Prestige: Centurion contains 6 pages of new 4E material, which includes the following:

  • The centurion paragon path
  • The centurion template
  • Warmaster Vargal Oathbreaker, a terrifying hobgoblin centurion general, and a devoted follower of the dark hobgoblin deity Nargion
  • A new magic item, the dread shield known as Nargionís maw
  • Fabulous illustrations by Jesse Mohn

    • Model: BDPPTP02
    • Manufactured by: Blackdirge Publishing

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