Phrenic Power: Phrenic Shards


Dreamscarred Press, the definitive source for new psionic content, is very pleased to announce its first release for 4E - Phrenic Power: Phrenic Shards.  This new supplement introduces a new power source: phrenic, as well as over forty new feats granting players new options for their characters, drawing on the power of the mind and psyche.  With phrenic power, characters can fire a blast of phrenic energy, manifest a shield of force to ward off attacks, give off an aura of energy to aid allies, or create a weapon to wield in combat.  

Perhaps you want to fire off a blast of Psychic energy with Mind Blast.  Or wield two weapons of phrenic energy with Twin Weapon.  Or let your allies get to safety with Shifting Aura.  With 9 pages of new feats, the possibilities exist for a multitide of character options and tactics using the phrenic power source.

As the first product in the Phrenic Power product line, Phrenic Power: Phrenic Shards can be used with any class and by any race.  Phrenic Power: Phrenic Shards introduces new heroic, paragon, and epic feats, allowing characters a variety of new abilities.  Phrenic Power: Phrenic Shards is written by Andreas Rönnqvist, whose other works include The Mind Unveiled series of supplements, High Psionics: Psicrystals Expanded, and more.  It is illustrated by Aaron Henson, Michael Hammes, and V. Shane.

Keep an eye out for other supplements in our Phrenic Power product line.

  • Model: DSPPP001
  • Manufactured by: Dreamscarred Press

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