Reign of Discordia: Virus


The galaxy still reels from the last R'Tillek attack in which they were able to depopulate an entire world with the most lethal weapon's grade virus known to exist. A single living sample of the virus has been recovered and entrusted to the top bio-scientist, Doctor Leif Noreck on the planet Eisiu. When the Lamogos attack the world in hopes of obtaining the virus for themselves, Dr. Noreck escapes, only to have his ship captured by raiders after he left the planet. Since his research may be the key to stopping the virus and preventing the deaths of entire planetary populations, it is up to a small band of heroes to recover the doctor before it is too late. Virus leads the heroes from the rogue's haven of the space station Rover's Beacon, into an old hollowed out asteroid that serves as the raider's base of operations, and into a conflict with the militant Lamogos. Virus is a Reign of Discordia adventure for 3rd level characters and serves as the first adventure in a loosely connected adventure path that will ultimately help decide the fate of the known galaxy.

  • Manufactured by: Reality Deviant Publications

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