Possessors: Children of the Outer Gods


This 17-page PDF presents a new monster for D20 campaigns, the possessors. An alien aberration that looks something like an octopus, possessors bite down over the heads of humanoids and use the bodies as a puppet.

This short PDF is a mix of artwork (14 sketches, 4 interior paintings, and the cover) and about 4,000 words of text. This is a very graphics-heavy PDF. This monster, all text and the visual appearance, is 100% open game content. While you cannot use the exact artwork in this PDF you can use the art as a guide and inspiration for creating your own.

GMs who do not enjoy fleshing our information for their game sessions may not enjoy this PDF. There is nothing intended for players in this PDF.

NOTE: There are two versions of this PDF. One intended for screen use and one intended for printing. Both versions are landscape, full-color, and very graphics-heavy. There is not a plain text version of this PDF included.

  • Model: PJR017
  • Manufactured by: Ronin Arts

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