A touch of Evil Vol. 5: Kobolds


What do a Soul Knife Assassin and a CR27 sorcerer have in common? They're all Kobolds! That's right. Inside this 27 page E-book you'll find 4 blood-curdling kobolds designed to give your players a run for their money, no matter what level they are. Pit yourself against the mighty spells of the wicked druid Makheret Greenclaw. Hunt down Wightscale, the deadly vile soulknife assassin before he slays his next target. Match blades with Rikajat the Fierce; a mighty barbarian who loves to hunt and slay dwarves, always seeking vengeance for wrongs the race visited on him in past days. Inside this book you'll also find information on kobold society, information on cognizance nodes, anscester spirits, new spells and a new magic item: The Phylactery of Protection!

  • Manufactured by: Reality Deviant Publications

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