GM'S COOKBOOK: The Rumor Mill #1


While the scenario, the ongoing quest, provides the meat in any campaign, a good Gamemaster needs more ingredients to add substance to the adventure, she occasionally needs to spice up slower parts of a gaming session. With that in mind Big Finger Games offers the GMs Cookbook line of pdfs.

GM'S COOKBOOK: The Rumor Mill #1 offers four highly detailed rumor chains for use in your fantasy campaign.

Rumors are a useful form of adventure hook that you can drop into your game anytime the adventurers hit a town or tavern. Alternatively, rumors are just a fun thing to drop in to add some character to the game and give it that realistic verisimilitude. Typically rumors will get more exaggerated and outrageous the farther they get from the source. Weve replicated that by presenting our rumors with three different levels of accuracy. The first entry is the least accurate with each subsequent entry getting closer and closer to the truth. Finally we end with details on the truth behind the rumors.

  • Model: BFG1906
  • Manufactured by: Big Finger Games

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