Spire of the Raven God

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The Black Vrock demon lord has returned to Elleron Forest and defeated the noble dragon guarding the sacred Stairway of the Gods. Minions of Varnaku, whose true name is "Black Death", have ravaged the countryside and the secretive Druidic Council has sent out a plea for help. Valiant heroes are needed in this time of trouble. The quest to retake the sacred stairway is on! A band of courageous adventurers stumble upon the devastated village of Buckshire. Seeing the death, injury and mayhem inflicted on the villagers, they decide to help the community out. The heroes battle orcs, ogres, gargoyles and vrocks. They brave the dangerous forest of Elleron, take a gate to the demon plane of Lord Varnaku, rescue a missing wizard and finally lead an assault on the Spire that Varnaku and its minions desecrate with their demonic presence! This d20 adventure module is for characters level 8-12 but can be adjusted to lower levels by reducing the numbers of monsters. The Spire of the Raven God was written by Rex Baker and illustrated by Joe Calkins of Cerberus Illustration.

  • Model: HP-1
  • Manufactured by: Black Death Publishing

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