Beyond Modern: The Rustborg


Reality Deviant Publications is pleased to bring you Beyond Modern: The Rustborg, by Chris Fields. “As civilization crawled back from the wreckage, a handful of settlements, usually those blessed by their proximity to a tech center such as a survival-fortress or a military base, rediscovered cybernetics. The handful of surviving pre-apocalypse cyborgs either found one of these tech centers for repair and refit or died out in the wilderness. Eventually, new cyborgs were built. These new ‘Rustborgs’ were cobbled together from pieces and parts; elegant nano-tech limbs were replaced with piston driven ‘dumb limbs’. When fiber optic nerve impulse cables cracked and failed, they were replaced with copper wiring scavenged from a 1992 Chevy Suburban. Instead of ceramic armor implanted under Kevlar pseudo-skin, these hulking bio-mechanical goliaths made do with rusting steel plates bolted crudely to their steroid enhanced muscles.“ This post apocalyptic advanced class provides you an opportunity to play a remnant of a distant, high-tech past where cybernetics and man once merged to form menacing war machines: cyborgs. This 9 page pdf provides everything you need to undergo cyber-surgery and become a walking walking mountain of steroid enhanced muscle and steel.

  • Manufactured by: Reality Deviant Publications

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