Campaign Planner 3


This sequel to the popular Campaign Planner and Campaign Planner 2 presents a new selection of forms perfect for D20 System campaigns.

Forms inside this PDF include:

-Spell and psionic power forms.

-Feat and skill forms.

-Three weather generation/tracking forms.

-Character starvation/thirst and suffocation/drowning form.

-Core and prestige class forms.

-A form the DM can hand out to his players at the end of a game session so that they can give their opinions on the game and help guide future sessions.

-Forms for spell components, action points, urban event templates, and more!

This new release in the Campaign Planner series builds on the previous releases and is focused on mechanics -- non-D20 System players will find this PDF less useful than previous releases in the series.NOTE: The core and prestige class (and associated) forms consume roughly 33% of this PDF. For that reason Campaign Planner 3 has been priced lower than other releases in this series.

UPDATED on 3/25/05, now includes a forms version! You must have the full version of Acrobat to save the forms once you've filled them in on your computer.

  • Model: PJR252
  • Manufactured by: Ronin Arts

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