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From Philip Reed, author of 101 Mundane Treasures and 101 Spellbooks, comes this 35-page PDF of forms designed specifically for the overwhelmed DM.

NOTE: This includes two versions, the original release designed for printing straight and a version that can be typed into. In order to save a modified version you'll need the full version of Acrobat but even with Reader you can print the modified pages.

Forms inside this PDF include:

-Campaign Overview Page: Including space to note which published adventures have been used, what setting is being used, and whether or not the setting's metaplot is being used.

-Books Used: Create a comprehensive listing of the books used in your campaign and then hand a copy to your players. "If it's not on the list, it's not used!"

-Prestige Classes Used: As cool as prestige classes are, there are just too many of them for the overworked DM. This form allows the DM to list which classes are allowed, what book they can be found in, and any specific changes for the campaign.

-Campaign Time and Timeline: What are the names of the months and days of the week in your campaign? What major events have taken place? This form helps you organize it all.

-Geographic Features, Towns, and Dungeons: Different forms for each, including half-page forms for noting minor areas.

-Major and Minor NPCs: Space to note more than just the name and hit points of an NPC.

-And Many More!

32 of the 35 pages in this PDF are devoted to forms. The other pages are a cover, the OGL/credits page, and a page of notes.

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