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Villagers make up ninety-precent of the population and peasant villages are the most prominent feature adventurers notice when going to raid a dungeon of a vile lich lord or returning with a haul of gold and arcance treasures.

In Medieval Landscapes: Peasant House you will find a wealth of information about the lowest medieval social class. Inside, you will find the following:

  • Three and Two-Dimensional Maps - This includes a cross section of a medieval village from various views and an interior to a peasant house useful as handouts, visual aids, or maps.
  • Fantasy Races - Do dwarves or elves have serfdom, and how do halflings view human peasants?
  • Character Classess - How does a paladin handle a peasant in distress, or can a rogue character find shelter in a peasant home and away from prying eyes?
  • Peasant Life - What is the lot of a peasant? Equipment, diet, clothes, houses, and hazards, are all detailed within this product.
  • Adventure Ideas - 15 adventure seeds to help bring characters into the peasant world.

What's Inside

  • Model: APGAnyEd01
  • Manufactured by: Alea Publishing Group

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