The Vault of Dr. Mechaniaikial


A forgotten supervillain ...

25 years ago, the career of B-list criminal mastermind Dr. Mechaniaikal was abruptly ended in a fiery battle with superheroes. The Doctor's brilliant intellect and incredible gadgetry were both lost in the conflagration ... or so it was believed. No body was ever found, and attempts to recover the Doctor's amazing inventions found only an empty vault, stripped to the bare metal walls in the wreckage of his New Jersey headquarters.

A treasure trove of technology!

Now, in the first decade of the 21st century, a mysterious new purveyor of super technology has appeared. Offering a dazzling array of deadly weapons, adamant defenses and strange devices - all at low, low prices. Mechaniaikal Industries has opened its vault ... won't you step inside?

The Vault is open!

The Vault of Dr. Mechaniaikal features 30 new Devices for Game Masters and players alike - from the lethal "Thrill Kill" Omni-Rifle and gravity-warping power of the GG-07 “Gravy Gun” to the modular PAX Armor and the metamorphic disguise offered by the Proteus Spore! Packed wall-to-wall with amazing technology, this M&M Superlink PDF also features a full write-up for the Doctor himself, along with expanded optional rules for inventing high-powered Devices. Each item in the Vault of Dr. Mechaniaikal is fully detailed, with stats, descriptions and the rules needed to create them using the Invention rules for the world's greatest superhero RPG!

The Vault of Dr. Mechaniaikal is a 27 page PDF, fully-indexed and selectable, featuring color art from Darren Bulmer and written by Mark Carroll and Jennifer Baughman.

Enter the Vault today, and discover the lost secrets of Dr. Mechaniaikal ... if you dare!

  • Model: PZP-2001
  • Manufactured by: Protocol Zero Productions

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