Wyrms & Warlocks: Medusa's Hunger


Sit down, strap in, grab your ankles, and prepare to kiss your butt goodbye, because Goblinoid Games is taking you on a roller coaster ride through a tunnel leading straight to that old-school feel of 80s fantasy gaming. This product is the first module in the old-school fantasy RPG supplement series, Wyrms & Warlocks, by Goblinoid Games. If you like this product, keep an eye out for further products like it in the future. “Medusa’s Hunger” is an OSRIC™ compatible adventure for characters of levels 5-7. They take a straight-forward quest but find themselves in the clutches of a medusa and her conniving mate. The adventurers have been invited to dinner, but what’s on the menu?

This product contains:

1 map

OSRIC™ game stats for green slime, medusa, greater medusa, and the rare male medusa...the medusan!

This product uses the OSRIC™ System (Oldschool System Reference and Index Compilation™). The OSRIC™ system text may be found at http://www.knights-n-knaves.com/osric.

  • Model: WWM1
  • Manufactured by: Goblinoid Games

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