Scribe of Orcus, Volume 1 Issue 1


The Scribe of Orcus (formerly the Classic Fantasy Review) is a periodical produced by Goblinoid Games to support “retro-clone” game systems, to provide 'compatible' material for various old-school RPGs. These systems include** OSRIC, Labyrinth Lord, Mutant Future, and GORE. Most issues of the Scribe of Orcus will vary from 5 to 10 pages, and will focus on solid old-school material.


Daniel Proctor presents The Pumpkin Lord of Shady Hollow, a special Halloween adventure for characters of 1st or 2nd level. It has been written for Labyrinth Lord (and compatible Basic Edition games), but with little effort it can be used with OSRIC or First Edition games. The Pumpkin Lord of Shady Hollow is a 7-page adventure and can be completed in one evening of play.

“A fiery meteor from the heavens crashes into Merle Branbrook’s pumpkin patch. This ominous occurrence becomes more troubling and perplexing as the pumpkin vines surrounding the resulting crater grow to form a complete, sinister dome with a small doorway leading inside. One adventuring party enters, never to return. The Hallows eve festival approaches, but will the village of Shady Hollow enjoy this year’s events if the pumpkin patch menace continues to cast a dark shadow over the community? Can another party of brave adventurers clear away the evil from the stars?”

This adventure includes:

*A 7 page adventure that can be completed in 1 session of play.

*Two lair maps featuring 24 areas.

*A map and details of the village of Shady Hollow, which can be used as a staging point for further adventures.

**Note: all of these systems are available free from this site.

  • Model: SoO11
  • Manufactured by: Goblinoid Games

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