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The Valley of Tears... 7th Brigade Stands Defiant

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• One hundred and eighty-one counters depicting the infantry, T-55, Centurion, and T-62 tanks, helicopters, and weapons that fought for control of the Golan Heights.
• Two 8.5" x 11" maps covering approximately a four-kilometer section of the Golan Heights between Tel Hermonit and Booster.
• Game system incorporates rules for Saggers, heliborne assaults, AVLB, air superiority and even air-to-air combat.
The Valley of Tears: 7th Brigade Stands Defiant is a simulation of the Syrian attack on the Golan Heights during October of 1973. The game focuses on capturing the feel of the Syrian assaults during 7-11 October, not a specific battle.

The map covers approximately a four-kilometer section of the Golan Heights between Tel Hermonit and Booster. The counters represent infantry platoons (40-60 men), Sagger Teams, and vehicle platoons (2-5 vehicles). Each turn represents fifteen minutes to one hour.

Fire combat is resolved by summing the attacking firepower of the attacking units, applying column shifts for the defender’s terrain, subtracting the defender's armor factor, rolling 1D6, and consulting the Combat Results Table (CRT). The results can reduce the units in the target hex, disrupt them, or have no effect. Units are rated for their attack value against armor and against infantry.

This complete downloadable PDF game features the beautiful art of Nicolas Eskubi, and can be printed and played in less time than it takes to read an issue of Witchblade. Fun, simple design, drop-jaw graphics, and no shipping! It’s a wargamer’s dream.

What’s a downloadable game?
Lock ‘n Load Publishing’s downloadable games are high quality designs with beautiful art, comparable to the best pre-printed games on the market. You purchase them right now, we send you a link, you download, print and play. No fuss, very little muss. Like we say, “more games, less guff.”

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